We’re a young, fresh, hands on team

Seventh Floor is one of the leading contractors in Malta for drywall, insulation and partition systems renowned for quality, impeccable service and a fast response to meet those delicate deadlines. We’ve earned a reputation for being a well-respected company, through our client service which stems from being very professional, structured and organised.

Our expertise and knowledge makes us stand out in the market place, together with a quality product, reliable service, flexible delivery capabilities, we ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of service.

Our structure commences from our Site Managers who implement their own internal procedures enabling a seamless communication from top to bottom. During every stage of the process from scoping out the project to adding finishing touches. We employ skilled, experienced and professional craftsmen with special attention given to working within the rules and regulations set forth by the building management.

Furthermore we give importance to minimize any noisy work and disruptions on site and around neighbouring tenants. Our team makes sure that on regular basis clean-ups and carts-away our construction scrap. This keeps your homes, offices or commercial premises clean and safe, making the overall construction process more enjoyable.

The process is done in a timely manner, within the budget and making sure to meet the necessary deadlines. We work using the latest techniques and equipment, giving high attention to detail. Working on both commercial and residential properties our goal is to assist, advise and consult you to make the right decision in order to meet your requirements to detail, whilst making sure the final result is of superior quality.

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