Exterior Sheathing

BoardeX is an excellent glass-mat gypsum sheathing product specifically designed to be Moisture resistant and Fire resistant. It has a moisture resistant reinforced gypsum core and special orange fibreglass exterior mats instead of similar paper faced products.

The panels feature a moisture and mould resistant gypsum core encased in a glass-mat facer on both sides and achieve a 10 rating on the ASTM test for mould resistance. BoardeX is used as backerboard beneath all kinds of claddings (including metal sidings, vinly siding, wood sidings and decorative brick sidings). BoardeX is used for all kind of soffit applications.

BoardeX is indispensable for interior wet areas. The nice thing about BoardeX is you can cut it with a utility knife just like using regular plasterboard. BoardeX is the first exterior sheathing board that used in external walls with fibreglass mat launched in Europe and Turkey after United States.

Strength Fibreglass mats penetrate into the panel to make an integrated unit that offers superb strength; outstanding resistance to delamination, deterioration, warping and job site damage, and an excellent bonding surface for EIFS. The flexural strength of BoardeX Exterior Sheathing is approximately the same in both directions. This means BoardeX Exterior Sheathing can be installed either vertically or horizontally without sacrificing wall strength between studs. BoardeX Exterior Sheathing panels also protect and help stabilize structural framing.